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Summary0005098: new plugin: REST endpoint
Descriptionlooks like the new REST API for WP is going to hit in 4.4... the feature plugin is currently available... we should think about adding a custom endpoint solution for the REST API...

this would allow so many things... the REST API is basically a way for an application (could be wp, website or standalone app) to get/add data... so a mobile phone app, for example, could access a wp/sp website to add or display posts... from a wp perspective, it would also allow a wp page to display one forum and another page to display another (folks always want that!)... single forum on page just an example - would be pretty hard to do since you have to do all the display...

since it allows you to get forum data, you can do whatever you want with it.. you could also create new posts via the endpoint.. pretty endless amount of possibilities... so what this does is allow anything that can access a url (ie our endpoint) interact directly with our current API to get/put data...

how hard to do? probably not that hard... its going to mostly be methods for getting or putting data... data is not displayed, just returned... up to the recipient of the data do display how they want... or for the case of putting data, for us to do what we need with the data (ie create post)...

custom endpoint would interact with the WP REST API to define the API methods... the current WP API plugin that is supposed to get pulled into core has pretty good documentation including starter endpoints...
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Mr Papa

Mr Papa

2015-09-28 00:11

administrator   ~0016678

meant to add, that the hard part here will be figuring out what to support on the endpoint... some obvious examples (these are all fetch):

group view class object
forum view class object (passed in forum id)
topic view class object (passed in topic id)
post object (passed in post id)
user object

all the above would also need a user id so permissions could be checked...

but the list could go on...

list topic class object
list post class object
user profile object
members list class object

etc etc etc
Mr Papa

Mr Papa

2015-09-28 13:43

administrator   ~0016679

forget the passing user id... the rest api (wp) will need a way to authenticate (ie login) a user... so should be able to use the current user for checks...

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