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0005723Simple:Presseditingpublic2017-12-21 01:07
ReporterYellow SwordfishAssigned To 
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Product Version5.7.3 
Target VersionFuture ReleaseFixed in Version 
Summary0005723: We should stop saving the request scheme with uploaded images
DescriptionWe save the http with uploaded images when they are used in posts. We should stop this as many users switch to https which then gives them warnings about mixed content
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Mr Papa

Mr Papa

2017-04-21 14:59

administrator   ~0019422

btw, think all we need to do here is use protocol relative urls... that is store the image as //

that will then get loaded with the protocol of the current page...
Mr Papa

Mr Papa

2017-04-21 21:19

administrator   ~0019427

confused... what images are we talking about here??

for uploaded images, ie via plupload, we already do not store the protocol... for example, on support site, they all show up fine as https - and nothing was changed for them...

do we mean smileys here? or are we talking custom icons? other?
Mr Papa

Mr Papa

2017-04-21 23:13

administrator   ~0019428

actually, this may not be true... we store all the data with relative urls... but seems the post content is still getting a protocol...
Mr Papa

Mr Papa

2017-04-21 23:27

administrator   ~0019429

reading the net, seems to be controversy over protocol relative urls... seems more and more folks hate, pluse cause performance issues in http/2 (force downgrade)...

think if we really want to do this, best place to do is in the editors... where we insert smiley, insert attachement, insert media and insert file... strip out the http or https part of the url...

but I am hesitant... very simple mysql search and replace to fix up - could even provide tool or toolbox button...

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