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0005791Simple:Presscode - template functionspublic2018-06-09 21:04
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Product Version5.7.5 
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Summary0005791: Disable the loading of normal topic quicklinks on mobile device
DescriptionWe currently do not populate the quicklinks topics if the device being used is a mobile. I believe this was partly done because the old msdropdown did not display that well on mobile. The new version does seem to perform OK.

Unified, Reboot and Barebones can all make use of special mobile versions of the quicklinks listing so it seems unnecessary to block the population of it. Indeed, when the mobile versions are used, the populate routine is not called and is thus redundant.

So I intend to remove the block.
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change_log_textDisable the loading of normal topic quicklinks on mobile device


Yellow Swordfish

Yellow Swordfish

2017-04-11 12:11

administrator   ~0019400

Damn., Not quite as easy as that as it is called from an action hook...

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