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0005811Simple:Pressjavascriptpublic2017-12-21 01:07
ReporterYellow SwordfishAssigned To 
PrioritynormalSeverityN/AReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product Version5.7.4 
Target VersionFuture ReleaseFixed in Version 
Summary0005811: Mobile sliding panel no longer closes when tapping outside
DescriptionIt should (and did) close when anywhere outside of the panel was tapped. This no longer happens.

it DOES seem to work in desktop browser emulation mode. But does not work on my iPhone
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change_log_textMobile sliding panel no longer closes when tapping outside


Mr Papa

Mr Papa

2017-05-13 04:14

administrator   ~0019463

seems to work fine on my android phone...
Yellow Swordfish

Yellow Swordfish

2017-05-31 09:06

administrator   ~0019479

still the same problem on my iphone on all browsers

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