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0005901Warnings and Suspensions[Simple:Press] ajaxpublic2018-06-09 23:45
ReporterYellow SwordfishAssigned ToYellow Swordfish 
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Target Version[Simple:Press] 5.7.6Fixed in Version 
Summary0005901: Admin panels (other than Options) do not open
DescriptionI.e., the actual Warnings, bans and Suspensions admin panels do not open after going to options - but fail with a console message of

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change_log_textAdmin panels (other than Options) do not open


Yellow Swordfish

Yellow Swordfish

2018-06-01 12:58

administrator   ~0019804

Looks to me like neither the autocomplete or - as it happens - the datapicker JS files are loaded. So missing both fails to load panels.

But then - why has ot worked Ok before?

And why does it work in 5.8?
Yellow Swordfish

Yellow Swordfish

2018-06-01 13:02

administrator   ~0019805

OK - so autocomplete is ONLY loaded generally for the front end NOT the admin.
Still begs the question why it has always worked before...

But adding enqueue statements for autocomplete and datepicker does resolve the issue

Would welcome thoughts on the above???
Mr Papa

Mr Papa

2018-06-01 13:58

administrator   ~0019806

works fine for me on 5.8... dont have another version currently to try...

might come down to which other plugins are loaded? which of course, if warnings needs them, should lod them itself...


2018-06-02 08:15

administrator   ~0019807

Changeset [15647] by andy on 2018-06-02 04:15:55 -0400 (Sat, 02 Jun 2018)

test issue 0005901
Load required admin JS UI library files
Version 5.7.5.x

 Changed Files:

U plugins5/warnings-suspensions/library/sp-warnings-suspensions-components.php
U plugins5/warnings-suspensions/sp-warnings-suspensions-plugin.php


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