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    IDProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in VersionPCategorytypeStatusAssigned ToSummary # Updated
  00046185. Papaupdating forum permalink can be wrong with SSL12014-11-26
  00041875.[Subscriptions Plugin]
database and sql
enhancementtestingYellow SwordfishRe-code Subscriptions to use User Activities table82014-11-26
defectclosedYellow SwordfishHeader plugin data is incorrect12014-11-25
  00046175.5.1Future Releasenormalgeneraluser requestnewconsider ability of users to create usergrups and forums 2014-11-24
  00046075. possible fix for Bootstrap problem 2014-11-24
  00045325. qualitytasknewDeprecate theme path constants32014-11-24
  00046035. requestnewallow users to edit posts for period of time 2014-11-24
  00045945. supportenhancementnewCreate the ability to house post action buttons in a one button menu 2014-11-24
  00046155. helpnew featureclosedYellow SwordfishAdd popup help to each active plugin in the plugin listing42014-11-23
  00045645. compatibilitydefectclosedYellow SwordfishSort out broken jQuery UI Dialog72014-11-23
  00045825.[Watches Plugin]
code quality
taskclosedYellow SwordfishRemove redundant remnants of old sfmembers column12014-11-22
  00046065.[Unified Theme]
display issue
defectclosedMr PapaUnified mobile profile view - Permissions headers white22014-11-22
  00046095.[Private Messaging Plugin]
enhancementclosedMr Papabetter thread sorting in inbox12014-11-22
  00046015.[Watches Plugin]
taskclosedYellow SwordfishRemove dead watch records12014-11-22
  00046005.[Watches Plugin]
database and sql
defectclosedYellow SwordfishQueries used for user stats need rewriting12014-11-22
  00045905. SwordfishCheck hidden adversaries posts are stripped at query time12014-11-21
  00045855. functionsenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishExtend first/last post link to text label in list view12014-11-21
  00045845. SwordfishThe $spImages array not populated when an AJAX display function used12014-11-21
  00045835. PapaTable elements in profile photos display pushing outside parent container12014-11-21
  00045875. qualityenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishConsider use of the jQuery UI Tooltips72014-11-21
  00046055.[Ban Plugin]
defectclosedMr PapaOn save of multiple IP addresses text is replaced with escape sequences22014-11-21
  00046025.[Private Messaging Plugin]
defectclosedMr PapaNo help when trying to set admin as adversary22014-11-21
  00046105.[Prune DB Plugin]
defectclosedMr PapaMissing Options link and odd Auth setup12014-11-21
  00045975.[Blog Linking Plugin]
defectclosedMr Papanotice in blog linking12014-11-21
  00045895. qualitydefectclosedSP TeamspVars not available to Ajax/Ahah routines72014-11-21
  00045995.[Warnings and Suspensions]
defectnewExpired Warning not actioned12014-11-20
  00046085.5.2Future Releasenormalsearchuser requestnewsearch for posts by user 2014-11-20
  00045925.5.3Future Releasenormal[Reboot Theme]
taskassignedIkeCreation of Mobile Theme52014-11-20
  00045095.5.1Future Releasenormal[Reboot Theme]
taskassignedIkeClean up overlay variables292014-11-17
  00045915.[Warnings and Suspensions]
online help
defectclosedMr PapaNo help text in the Add Suspension section32014-11-16
  00023194.4.5Future ReleasenormaladministrationenhancementnewRewrite the whole Manage Groups and Forums22014-11-15
  00040995.45.5.4normal[Spam Registrations Plugin]
defectnewAdmin Panel requires mobile layout 2014-11-15
  00040905.45.5.4normal[Share This Plugin]
mobile support
defectnewAdmin Panel requires mobile layout 2014-11-15
  00040915.45.5.4normal[Topic Status Plugin]
defectnewAdmin Panel requires mobile layout 2014-11-15
  00040975.45.5.4normal[Tags Plugin]
defectnewAdmin Panel requires mobile layout 2014-11-15
  00045275. plugins api way to force right admin menu accordion to open32014-11-15
  00043555. ranks admin panel needs work 2014-11-15
  00036455. a forum group needs a rewrite22014-11-15
  00043405. and sqlenhancementnewuser object generaton creates lots of add on queries 2014-11-15
  00045685. issueenhancementnewAdd custom forum icon for a pinned topic22014-11-15
  00040985.45.5.4normal[Ban Plugin]
defectnewAdmin Panel requires mobile layout 2014-11-15
  00041935. issuedefectnewimproved quoting/forwarding of text, urls, images and attachments12014-11-15
  00045505.[Blog Linking Plugin]
new posts handling
defectnewImages with captions get stripped from the copy process to the new forum post 2014-11-15
  00044925.55.5.4highthemesenhancementnewRecreate default theme overlay files32014-11-15
  00045335.5Future ReleasenormalprofileenhancementnewAdd identities to profile (popup and full page)12014-11-15
  00039375.3.1Future Releasenormaladmin toolsenhancementnewAdd trash feature for deleted things12014-11-15
  00045525.5.1Future Releasenormalpermissionsuser requestnewConsider support for the wp 'Groups' plugin12014-11-15
  00045385.5Future Releasenormal[Achievements]
template functions
user requestnewAdd a template tag for achievements points or ranks 2014-11-15
  00004914.2Future Releasenormalpluginsuser requestnewUse images instead of text on HTML and bbCode editors12014-11-15
  00045145.5Future Releasenormaldisplay issueenhancementnewAllow truncating option on user names12014-11-15
  00044655.5Future Releasenormaldatabase and sqlenhancementnewHousekeeping Transient Cleaner doesn't seem to do much...62014-11-15
  00045885. qualitydefectnewUnidentified Auth errors62014-11-15
  00045985.5.2Future Releasenormal[Answers Topic Plugin]
user requestnewallow mods and admins to pick the answer12014-11-15
  00045965. TeamGeneral and Miscellaneous Clean-Ups - 5.5.312014-11-14
  00045955.[Syntax Highlighting Plugin]
defectnewNo longer working on blog posts12014-11-13
  00045725.[Unified Theme]
template functions
defectclosedYellow SwordfishSubscribe to topic/Watch topic fail on mobile122014-11-13
  00045935.5.2Future Releasenormal[Captcha Plugin]
user requestnewAllow captcha to be used on logon form 2014-11-12
  00045865. qualitydefectnewUnnecessary scripts being loaded on desktop42014-11-09
  00045225.55.5.3normalgeneralenhancementassignedMr PapaRevisit html emails142014-11-08
  00045815.[Post Thanks Plugin]
defectclosedMr Papapossible to hack js and thank yourself12014-11-04
  00045235.[Event Logger Plugin]
new featureclosedMr PapaNew plugin: logging plugin72014-11-02
  00045805.5.2Future Releasenormal[Private Messaging Plugin]
user requestnewfolders support 2014-11-01
  00045795.5.2Future Releasenormal[Private Messaging Plugin]
user requestnewSorting options for inbox 2014-11-01
  00045785.5.2Future Releasenormaluser relateduser requestnewSort options for members list 2014-11-01
  00045755.[Unified Theme]
display issue
defectclosedYellow SwordfishNew second search button not displaying correctly on mobile42014-11-01
user requestclosedMr Papaadd option to only display announcements to guests22014-11-01
  00045765. SwordfishCreate simple function to update build number12014-10-31
  00045745. and sqldefectclosedYellow SwordfishSpecial Ranks - Changing the name causes all user assignments to be lost12014-10-31
  00045775. SwordfishUser Selected overlay causing issue loading theme12014-10-31
  00045735. SwordfishAdd simple stats to some admin index lists12014-10-31
  00045535. compatibilitydefectclosedYellow Swordfishtranslations admin page not completely working with WP202014-10-24
  00045705. SwordfishErroneous apostrophe in option record fails in install12014-10-24
  00045695. and sqldefectclosedYellow SwordfishUser group - add new member not always excluding those already in the group12014-10-24
  00044715.55.5.3normal[Who's Online Plugin]
code quality
defectassignedSP TeamRTL - Code Chages for proper support12014-10-23
  00044735.55.5.3normal[Polls Plugin]
code quality
defectassignedSP TeamRTL - Code Chages for proper support 2014-10-23
  00042685. SwordfishInvestigate the use of Sprites for the theme icons12014-10-23
  00045515. SwordfishNon-breaking space before pasted urls in Chrome82014-10-21
  00045655. PapaProblem message not showing enough information12014-10-21
  00043095. PapaReinstate TinyMCE editor on the Signatures panel82014-10-20
  00045625. Papatopic starter element of topic class is wrong on pages after first22014-10-18
  00045575. Papachild theme overlay relationship to parent overlay12014-10-18
  00045675. SwordfishMissing apostrophe in show tables command in 5.5.2 upgrade script32014-10-18
  00039565.3.1Future Releasenormal[Private Messaging Plugin]
enhancementassignedMr PapaAdd an API wrapper function for sending a PM to user 2014-10-18
  00039315.3.1Future Releasenormal[Private Messaging Plugin]
new featureassignedMr PapaConsider a search tool for PMs 2014-10-18
  00041925.4.1Future Releasenormal[Private Messaging Plugin]
user requestassignedMr Papaoffer option to print a private message 2014-10-18
  00040285.3.4Future Releasenormal[Private Messaging Plugin]
enhancementassignedMr Papaadd pagination to pm inbox threads 2014-10-18
  00045605. Papahandle missing args in browser title setup12014-10-18
  00045595.[Private Messaging Plugin]
code quality
defectclosedMr Papainconsisntent variable use for pm auto removal12014-10-18
  00045585. Papacancel post verification translation in admin12014-10-18
  00045615. Papasome profile links still showing user login22014-10-18
  00045565. compatibilitydefectclosedMr Papapathinfo permalinks broken12014-10-18
  00045635.[Share This Plugin]
defectclosedMr Papashare this api now adding auto hash argument12014-10-18
  00037294. PapaMore options for handling user deletion42014-10-18
  00045555. viewnew featureclosedIkeNew function to display Admins/Mods/Users currently browsing topic (In topic view)32014-10-18
  00045665. Papatinymce and syntax forcing jquery ui css load22014-10-18
  00045305. PapaAdmin Menu tooltips no longer function32014-10-18
  00040485.3.4Future ReleasenormalpluginsenhancementnewSpin off buddies and adversaries from PM 2014-10-05
  00024265. issuenew featureclosedSP TeamHTML 5 Output262014-10-05
  00042085.4.1normal[Private Messaging Plugin]
enhancementclosedMr Papanotification on pm being read12014-09-28
  00045445.5.1normalinstallation/upgradedefectnewUser reports child theme setting lost on upgrade12014-09-22
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