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    IDProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in VersionPCategorytypeStatusAssigned ToSummary # Updated
  00048275. SwordfishRedesign About Popup so it is not so tall22015-03-26
  00048265. compatibilitydefecttestingMr Papaadd new before and after email send hooks32015-03-25
  00048255. compatibilityuser requestnewInvestigate Ultimate Member plugin with a view to close support 2015-03-25
  00048225. compatibilitydefecttestingYellow SwordfishResize new WP smile smiley to fit forum post12015-03-25
  00048245.[Blog Linking Plugin]
wp compatibility
defectnewblog linking comments duplicated12015-03-25
  00048105.[Print Topic]
plugins - general
new featuretestingYellow SwordfishNew Plugin to Print a complete topic102015-03-24
  00048115.[Prune DB Plugin]
enhancementassignedYellow SwordfishMake topic selections on the last post in a topic not the first12015-03-24
  00048205. SwordfishCheck with user before leaving page if text in editor42015-03-24
  00048235.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectassignedIke$postLinkColor on light overlays is too light 2015-03-23
  0004799normalcode - filtersenhancementassignedYellow SwordfishInvestigate use of CURL and GD to replace GetImageSize()32015-03-23
  00048215. into setting or capabilities up properly 2015-03-23
  00048175.[Warnings and Suspensions]
enhancementtestingYellow SwordfishMove admin menu icon into plugin code12015-03-22
  00048165.[Tags Plugin]
enhancementtestingYellow SwordfishMove admin menu icon into plugin code12015-03-22
  00048155.[Private Messaging Plugin]
enhancementtestingYellow SwordfishMove admin menu icon into plugin code12015-03-22
  00048145.[Polls Plugin]
enhancementtestingYellow SwordfishMove admin menu icon into plugin code12015-03-22
  00048135.[HTML Emails Plugin]
enhancementtestingYellow SwordfishMove admin menu icon into plugin code12015-03-22
  00048125.[Event Logger Plugin]
enhancementtestingYellow SwordfishMove admin menu icon into plugin code12015-03-22
  00046965.[Plupload Plugin]
display - general
enhancementnewProblems with plupload control on some SP themes/overlays32015-03-22
  00048195.[Prune DB Plugin]
database and sql
enhancementnewbreak up pruning process 2015-03-22
  00048185. SwordfishAdd filter to allow plugins to add simple CSS styling in header12015-03-22
  00047415. - generaldefectclosedSP TeamGeneral and Miscellaneous Clean-Ups - 5.5.582015-03-20
  00048055. handlingdefectclosedMr Papauploaded thumbnail image usage for image enlargement not working22015-03-20
  00048015. - filterstaskclosedMr PapaRemove old uploads relative/absolute path stuff22015-03-20
  00048085. Papaparent template fallback fails for default template32015-03-18
  00047915. SwordfishSub-forums can get detached from parents when using ordering panel22015-03-18
  00048065. Papaauth_warn column in auths tables not supported in api32015-03-18
  00048045. PapaUninstalling Issues152015-03-18
  00047645. Swordfishnew install sets up permissions incorrectly112015-03-18
  00048095.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedYellow SwordfishNo rules created for spIcon class12015-03-18
  00048075. - classesenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishAdd forum_name to topic view class22015-03-18
  0003845normal[Captcha Plugin]
enhancementclosedInvestigate pre-posting validation12015-03-17
  00047925.[Reboot Theme]
display - general
enhancementclosedYellow SwordfishspPluginSection remains at 60px min-height and should be auto12015-03-14
  0004789normalplugins - generalenhancementclosedShow any plugins that need updating in the plugin listing12015-03-14
  00046595. rebuilding notice 2015-03-13
  00048035.[Membership Subscribe]
code - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishCheckbox code wrong way round12015-03-13
  00047855.[Reboot Theme]
display - general
defectassignedIkeTurning on the breadcrumbs tree does not force tree display12015-03-13
  00036455. SwordfishDeleting a forum group needs a rewrite42015-03-13
  00047865.[Reboot Theme]
defectclosedIkeReboot RTL file needs rebuilding32015-03-09
  00048025.[Report Post Plugin]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishGeneral and Miscellaneous Clean-Ups22015-03-09
  00047745. compatibilitydefectclosedYellow SwordfishFixed WP theme header causes issues when viewing last post from link62015-03-09
  00047315. - generalenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishAllow for all appropriate themes to support child overlays92015-03-08
  00047685.[Share This Plugin]
defectclosedMr Papashare this stuff mixed content over ssl42015-03-08
  00047365.5.4normal[Blog Linking Plugin]
database and sql
defectclosedOn subsequent edit of blog post the topic id not set when trying to save to forum92015-03-08
  00045945. supportenhancementnewCreate the ability to house post action buttons in a one button menu 2015-03-08
  00045325. - generaltasknewDeprecate theme path constants32015-03-08
  00047235. admin smileys to use WP core drag and drop control 2015-03-08
  00047695. text to alt attributes in image tags 2015-03-08
  00044925.55.5.6highthemes - generalenhancementnewRecreate default theme overlay files32015-03-08
  00046555. featureclosedYellow SwordfishNew toolbox panel or set if options to display SQL statements32015-03-08
  00047815. - generaldefectclosedYellow SwordfishRemove Post Width and Post Wrap options22015-03-07
  00043405. and sqlenhancementclosedYellow Swordfishuser object generaton creates lots of add on queries42015-03-07
  00047255. posts handlingnew featureclosedYellow SwordfishTry and detect and stop automated spam posts before they involve any database activity72015-03-07
defectclosedMr PapaSometimes fails to find name42015-03-07
  00047955. - filtersenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishAdd some standard filters to the creation routines for the main $spVars array12015-03-07
  00047825. - generaldefectclosedYellow SwordfishMissing checkbox - group permissions form12015-03-07
  00047675. - generalnew featureclosedYellow SwordfishCreate child theme shells for Default, Unified and Reboot32015-03-07
  00047905. - generalenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishShow any themes that need updating in the theme listing32015-03-07
  00047835. SwordfishRevamp Admin Themes page42015-03-07
  00047625. - generaldefectclosedIkeshare this tag used in forum loop on group page92015-03-07
  00047845.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedYellow SwordfishPost Thanks SPCSS image file is missing from theme12015-03-07
  00047765.[Template Tags Plugin]
code - general
enhancementclosedYellow SwordfishLimit use of sp_forum_api_support()22015-03-07
  00047935.[Share This Plugin]
display - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishNo way of knowing which style has been selected in the admin12015-03-07
  00047965.[Topic Description Plugin]
code - filters
enhancementclosedYellow SwordfishAdd filter to set the topic_desc field to spVars12015-03-07
  00047945.[Share This Plugin]
code - template functions
enhancementclosedYellow SwordfishChange main forum and forum topic tags to use $spVars32015-03-07
  00047985.[Google Sitemap Plugin]
defectclosedMr Papamain sitemap date incorrect12015-03-07
  00047785.[Hide Posters]
database and sql
defectclosedYellow SwordfishWhen active it corrupts list members posts queries12015-03-07
  00047805.[Plupload Plugin]
code - classes
defectclosedYellow SwordfishForum ID not available to auth check in attachment display12015-03-07
  00047795.[Private Messaging Plugin]
code - template functions
defectclosedYellow SwordfishGeneral notice cleanup12015-03-07
  00047975.[Subscriptions Plugin]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishGeneral notice cleanups12015-03-07
  00048005.[Plupload Plugin]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishGeneral notice cleanups12015-03-07
  00047775.[Post By Email Plugin]
code - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishBad use of options record12015-03-07
  00047205.[Google Sitemap Plugin]
defecttestingMr Papainvalid date timestamp in yoast sitemap32015-03-06
  00047275.[Plupload Plugin]
user requestclosedMr Papaoption for inserting link to attachments in post content72015-03-05
  00047875.[HTML Emails Plugin]
code - general
defectclosedMr PapaCalls being made to non-existent functions22015-03-05
  0004771criticalcode - generaldefectclosedsfpostattachments table definition22015-03-05
  00047535.5.4high[Search Plugin]
code - general
defectclosedWarnings regarding preg_match failures42015-03-04
  00046035. requestclosedMr Papaallow users to edit posts for period of time32015-03-04
  00047635.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedIkeClean up topic status on mobile22015-03-04
  00047605. - template functionsenhancementclosedMr Papageneric add icon routine42015-02-26
  00047565.[Custom Profile Fields Plugin]
enhancementclosedMr Papaintegrate profile fields into Buddypress22015-02-26
  00047455. - filtersdefectclosedMr Papaprofile bio display output html text inside p tags42015-02-26
  00047555.[Custom Profile Fields Plugin]
defectclosedMr Papalinkable field elements42015-02-26
  00047725.[Reboot Theme]
view - group
enhancementclosedIkeRelocate sub-forums in group view22015-02-26
  00047735.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedIkeForum index row icon positioning in group view22015-02-26
  00047755.[Reboot Theme]
display - general
defectclosedIkeScroll bar (vertical) on popup images22015-02-26
  0004770normal[Topic Status Plugin]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishAuth change_topic_status not deactivated or removed by plugin12015-02-18
  00047665.[Template Tags Plugin]
code - general
defectclosedYellow Swordfishensure all tags define the $out variable prior to use12015-02-16
  00047575.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedIkeList view lost some labels22015-02-15
  00047405.5.4Future Releasenormal[Plupload Plugin]
defectnewRemoving an attachment should remove empty folders 2015-02-14
  00047465.[Reboot Theme]
icons and images
defectclosedIkeattachments icon missing when viewing on phone12015-02-14
  00047545.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedIkeClean up post ratings both stars and thumbs desktop & mobile22015-02-14
  00047595.5.4high[Reboot Theme]
defectclosedprofile popup missing close link12015-02-14
  00047515.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedIkeQuotes within quotes lack border22015-02-13
  00047495.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedIkeCan be an issue with embedded videos12015-02-13
  00047485.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedIkeSignature text in posts can disappear22015-02-13
  00047585. and imagesdefectclosedMr PapaTopic Index Icon Not Correct In Child Themes22015-02-13
  00047475. - generaldefectclosedYellow SwordfishHeight of the spPluginSection42015-02-13
  00047445.[Custom Profile Fields Plugin]
code - template functions
defectclosedYellow SwordfishWarning given when no data to display in custom field12015-02-11
  00047245.[Plupload Plugin]
enhancementclosedMr PapaSelecting max thumbnail size confusion62015-02-11
  00047425. compatibilitydefectclosedMr Papacss not loaded when wp head action bypassed12015-02-11
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