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2016-07-23 09:08 UTC

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    IDProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in VersionPriorityCategorytypeStatusAssigned ToSummary # Updated
  00054055.6.55.7highthird party supportdefectnewmsdropdown js library using deprecated jquery42016-07-18
code - general
defectnewSeeing many notice repeats from plupload22016-07-18
  00054865. PapaNo permission or capabilty checks on forum upgrades12016-07-18
  00055545.6.75.7normal[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defecttestingYellow Swordfishdisplay in editor options looks off in reboot22016-07-18
  00054625.6.75.7normalgeneraldefectassignedSP TeamGeneral and Miscellaneous Clean-Ups - 5.722016-07-18
  0005503normal[Prune DB]
display - general
enhancementclosedPlugin: Prune Database, Add a verification step before selected topics are actually deleted12016-07-18
  00055045.6.75.7normal[Prune DB]
defecttestingYellow SwordfishPlugin: Prune Database has possible defects, inconsistencies, and a typo12016-07-18
  00054765.6.75.7normalcode - generaldefecttestingYellow SwordfishRe-design page title handling42016-07-18
  00053735. - htmldefectclosedYellow SwordfishTab ordering all over the place52016-07-18
defectclosedYellow SwordfishPhotos upload panel in profile form does not show any photos22016-07-17
  00055475. SwordfishProfile photos are a bit of a disaster area!32016-07-17
  00055515. relateduser requestclosedYellow SwordfishAllow for our login form to be used but to be posted to a different url from standard22016-07-16
  00053495.6.45.7normalplugins - generalenhancementtestingMr Papajavascript overhaul in plugins412016-07-16
  00053965. requestnewDiscuss the possible addition of new user identities22016-07-16
  00039335. featurenewAllow for sub-forums to have a parent/subforum permalink22016-07-16
  00054235. remote image in signature 2016-07-16
  00053955. requestnewconsider supporting video in open graph tags 2016-07-16
  00049045. - generaltasknewReview SSL/TLS And see if we need to change anything 2016-07-16
  00048755. shiny updates for our core plugin22016-07-16
  00053705. and sqlenhancementnewconvert direct db queries to use the spdb complex class 2016-07-16
  00052665. handlingenhancementnewReview the html of images in posts112016-07-16
  00050245. - generalenhancementnewimprove the sfmeta API 2016-07-16
  00053485. party supportenhancementnewevaluate latest version of msdropdown jquery plugin42016-07-16
  00039375. toolsnew featurenewAdd trash feature for deleted things32016-07-16
  00050985. - generalnew featureassignedMr Papanew plugin: REST endpoint22016-07-16
  00049845. for jQuery Version 3 2016-07-16
  00053215.6.45.7normaljavascriptenhancementassignedMr Papajavascript overhaul - admin62016-07-15
  00055535.[Print Topic]
code - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishFails if using a permalink structure with no trailing slash12016-07-15
  00054975.[Polls Plugin]
display - general
enhancementclosedMr PapaAdd the Number of allowed selections to voting display12016-07-15
defectclosedMr Papadont delete attachments when deleting a topic/post12016-07-15
defectclosedMr Papawhen integrated editor added, it failed to support the remove attachments button when editing12016-07-15
  00055255.[Uploads Viewer]
defectclosedMr Papawhen adding existing upload, attachment links are not shown22016-07-14
enhancementclosedMr PapaRemoving an attachment should remove empty folders22016-07-14
forum tools
enhancementclosedMr PapaRemove attachment forum tool - is it working as it should22016-07-14
code - general
defectclosedMr PapaThe profile form 'upload' button no longer functions12016-07-13
  00055495.75.75.7criticalerror handlingdefectclosedYellow SwordfishRemove triggered error for deprecated function sp_forum_api_support()32016-07-12
  00055365. - generaldefectclosedMr Papalist topic doing strange things with forum name22016-07-12
defectclosedMr PapaInstall options record12016-07-12
display - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishHuge wait spinner displayed on tag suggestions42016-07-12
  00055445. - template functionsdefectclosedMr Papano way to tell post toolbar button from edit post toolbar button52016-07-12
  00054945. - generaltaskclosedSP TeamReplace current ahah handler with standard WP AJAX - Plugins282016-07-12
  00054775. - generalenhancementclosedSP TeamReplace current ahah handler with standard WP AJAX - Core472016-07-12
  00055345. UI WidgetdefectclosedYellow SwordfishjQuery UI Calendar widget needs some CSS attention42016-07-12
third party support
enhancementclosedMr Papaupdate plupload to latest version12016-07-12
third party support
enhancementclosedMr Papaupdate jstree to latest version12016-07-12
  00055405.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedYellow Swordfishfile uploader button is not standard when not using integrate toolbar22016-07-12
defectclosedYellow Swordfishuploaded photos section of profile not looking good12016-07-12
  00055285. PapaJS overhaul missed the onkeyup in element js usage12016-07-12
  00055335.[Topic Expire]
display - html
defectclosedYellow SwordfishTopic Expire under editor form needs some standardisation12016-07-12
  00055305.[Polls Plugin]
display - css
defectclosedSP Teamadd polls popups not applying correct styling12016-07-12
  00055295.[Warnings and Suspensions]
display - css
defectclosedSP Teamforum tools popups (3) not applying correct styling12016-07-12
  00055155. PapaAsk user for page name at install time22016-07-12
  00055175. PapaUnable to select an avatar from the ppol12016-07-12
  00055205.[BareBones Theme]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishMissing comma in spSearchLink class rule12016-07-12
  00055215.[Reboot Theme]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishMissing comma in spSearchLink class rule12016-07-12
  00053225. - generalenhancementclosedYellow Swordfishremove usage of javascript:void(null)42016-07-12
defectclosedMr PapaPlugin: Featured Topics and Posts has typo and out of date header comments in template tag12016-07-12
  00054955.[Private Posts]
defectclosedMr PapaFails to make post private when using forum tool22016-07-12
  00055115. SwordfishSpecify location href in editor exposing script22016-07-12
  00054995. Swordfish'admin-admins.en' has typos12016-07-12
  00054985.[Polls Plugin]
defectclosedMr PapaPlugin; Polls has typos12016-07-12
taskclosedYellow SwordfishUpdate for new Ajax code22016-07-12
  00055005.[Private Messaging]
code - general
defectclosedMr PapaUnable to delete Buddy32016-07-12
  00054925. PapaAdmin - Users - old code removal22016-07-12
  00054795. PapaWhy not offer SP Admin creation at install time32016-07-12
  00054905. compatibilitydefectclosedMr PapaTopics with apostrophes in titles can blow up WP menu22016-07-12
defectclosedMr PapaPlugin: CubePoints Integration typos and filter change to consider12016-07-12
  00054875. compatibilitydefectclosedMr Papasupport new wp function for getting canonical url12016-07-12
  00054855. SwordfishAdd a simple feedback email link12016-07-12
  00054725. compatibilitydefectclosedMr Papawp has deprecated wp_get_sites()12016-07-12
  00054705. PapaAdmin Users List - post count52016-07-12
  00054845. SwordfishSpelling error on uninstall confirmation (canel for cancel)12016-07-12
  00054835. toolsenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishRe-order the forum post tools12016-07-12
  00054805.[Private Messaging]
user related
defectclosedMr PapaCode to display send PM button on members list does not check for guest user32016-07-12
  00054785.[Polls Plugin]
defectclosedMr PapaPoll expiration checks not correct22016-07-12
  00054735. helptaskclosedYellow SwordfishChange task icon and label12016-07-12
  00054645.[Post By Email]
code - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishNotice on forumemail value72016-07-12
code - general
defectclosedMr PapaWarning on return JSON22016-07-12
  00054575. - filtersenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishNone of our page link routines offer filters on each page url42016-07-12
  00054665.[Google Sitemap]
code - general
defectclosedMr PapaCall to class_exists() not quoting class name22016-07-12
  00054695.[Print Topic]
display - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishEmojis in print (topic or post) get scaled up to full page width12016-07-12
  00054655.[Print Topic]
code - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishVarious Notices in spTopicPrintView.php22016-07-12
  00054605. SwordfishAdd a filter to new quote processing to allow new method to be overridden12016-07-12
  00054565.[HTML Emails]
defectclosedYellow Swordfishnew user email throwing error22016-07-12
  00054615. - filtersenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishAdd argument to the return url filter followjng a post save12016-07-12
  00054585.[HTML Emails]
code - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishPassword reset email fails to save any changes22016-07-12
  00054535. Papajavascript overhaul - need helpers for plugins52016-07-12
third party support
defectclosedMr Papagetting some deprecated warnings for buddypress32016-07-12
  00055165. PapaUser listing (Admin) - sort options not carried over into subsequent page loads32016-07-12
  00055105. SwordfishUnable to remove uploaded avatar12016-07-12
  00055125.[Syntax Highlighting]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishGetting jquery load errors when SH plugin is used on a page12016-07-12
  00054895. Papawp admin forum submenu doesnt show for non admins32016-07-12
  00054915.[Blog Linking]
defectclosedMr PapaCant break blog linked topic from blog side32016-07-12
  00054815. toolsdefectclosedYellow SwordfishSome forum tools no longer work (pin post. pin topic, lock topic...)52016-07-12
code - general
enhancementclosedYellow Swordfishdiscuss use of mbstring42016-07-12
  00054825. PapaPermission error for top level menu items with capabilities22016-07-12
  00054885. Papaadmin menu dashicon only shows if user has manage forums capability22016-07-12
defectclosedYellow SwordfishProfile - attachments - no longer display12016-07-12
  00055145.75.75.7normalprofiledefectclosedYellow SwordfishEditing Signature has ceased to work at all - nothing displays12016-07-12
  00055225.75.75.7normaljavascriptenhancementclosedMr Papaupdate plugins to use generic admin core delete row event12016-07-12