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2016-08-29 00:05 UTC

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    IDProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in VersionPriorityCategorytypeStatusAssigned ToSummary # Updated
  0005589normal[Private Messaging]
display - general
defectclosedMessage view missing other recipients names12016-08-28
  00040285.[Private Messaging]
enhancementtestingYellow Swordfishclean up thread query and add pagination to pm inbox threads52016-08-28
  00052375. posts handlingenhancementtestingYellow SwordfishChanging the new post model192016-08-27
  00053985.6.4The JunkyardnormalsecuritydefectnewAllow for secure download of attachment files72016-08-27
  00055885.[Private Messaging]
user interface
enhancementnewUI for PM replies needs an overhaul 2016-08-27
  00055875. and sqlenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishAllow for formatting of group by on the show method of complex query12016-08-27
wp compatibility
defecttestingYellow SwordfishNew plugin to replace the comment form and display in blog posts with forum topic12016-08-25
plugins - general
enhancementclosedPermissions for seeing each upload file type 2016-08-24
  00055765.75.7.2normalcode - template functionsenhancementtestingYellow SwordfishImprove use of sp_UserAvatar()62016-08-24
  00055795. PapaCache API can generate errors when sfcache table doesnt exist52016-08-24
  00055815. PapaNo longer can uninstall our plugins12016-08-24
  00055725.75.7.2highgeneraldefectassignedSP TeamGeneral and Miscellaneous Cleanups - 5.7.222016-08-24
  00055855.[Gravatar Cache]
enhancementtestingYellow SwordfishMinimise calls to for those without a gravatar22016-08-24
  00055845. compatibilitydefectnewUse the new wp_doing_ajax() function 2016-08-24
  00055825.[Admin Bar]
defecttestingYellow Swordfishdashboard forum widget inadvertently shown to non-admin users22016-08-23
  00055835. trashed after an upgrade 2016-08-22
  00039375. toolsnew featureassignedMr PapaAdd trash feature for deleted things92016-08-21
  00049175. - template functionsdefecttestingYellow SwordfishOur search input field uses the label as a placeholder32016-08-21
  00055805. - generaldefectclosedMr Papamissing global declaration on $spStatus variable usage12016-08-21
display - css
enhancementclosedYellow SwordfishAdd letter-spacing as normal to all reset css all thenes12016-08-21
  00055755.75.7.2normalgeneralenhancementnewConvert simple press plugin to OOP class based plugin32016-08-20
defectclosedMr PapaPortrait images uploaded with mobiles rotated32016-08-20
  00025365. requestclosedYellow SwordfishRequested permission to view media/images72016-08-20
  00048715.[Gravatar Cache]
image/video handling
defectclosedYellow Swordfishadd file extension to images in cache72016-08-20
  00055735.75.7.2normal[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectnewwith tags and topic status, display area cluttered12016-08-20
code - general
taskassignedYellow SwordfishUpgrade DB calls to use mysqli lib 2016-08-20
  00055685.75.7.2normaljavascriptdefectnewInvestigate, test and decide use of namespaces in all our scripts 2016-08-20
  00054525.[Share This]
mobile support
defectnewThe Share This native button disrupts mobile display 2016-08-20
  00054235. remote image in signature 2016-08-20
  00053965. requestnewDiscuss the possible addition of new user identities22016-08-20
  00053955. requestnewconsider supporting video in open graph tags 2016-08-20
  00053705. and sqlenhancementnewconvert direct db queries to use the spdb complex class 2016-08-20
  00053605.[Blog Linking]
enhancementassignedYellow SwordfishBlog Linking Version 212016-08-20
  00053485. party supportenhancementnewevaluate latest version of msdropdown jquery plugin42016-08-20
  00053215. Papajavascript overhaul - admin62016-08-20
  00052665. handlingenhancementnewReview the html of images in posts112016-08-20
  00050985. - generalnew featureassignedMr Papanew plugin: REST endpoint22016-08-20
  00050245. - generalenhancementnewimprove the sfmeta API 2016-08-20
  00049845. for jQuery Version 3 2016-08-20
  00049045. - generaltasknewReview SSL/TLS And see if we need to change anything 2016-08-20
  00043475.15.7.2normalsearchnew featurenewNew Plugin: Search user profiles 2016-08-20
  00039335. featurenewAllow for sub-forums to have a parent/subforum permalink22016-08-20
  00017804. multisitenew featurenewmultisite network admin needs some love 2016-08-20
  00054505. - generaldefectclosedYellow Swordfishlimit backtrace call in error log recording42016-08-20
  00048755. Papasupport shiny updates for our core plugin32016-08-20
  00055705. Papasupport shiny updates for our plugins/themes42016-08-20
code - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishThe hide poll results field on the polls create popup has no checkbox12016-08-20
  00055715. PapaPlugin list form cleanup22016-08-16
  00055745. Papamoving members into custom rank fails32016-08-16
  00054405.6.6The Junkyardnormal[Mentions]
defectnewMentions only appears to work with the tinyMCE editor42016-08-13
  00043525.5The Junkyardnormal[Subscriptions]
enhancementnewSend Subscriptipn Emails as background task 2016-08-13
  00033375.1.4The Junkyardnormal[Plupload]
user related
enhancementnewadmin cant upload photos in a user profile12016-08-13
  00044715.5The Junkyardnormal[Who's Online]
code - general
defectnewRTL - Code Chages for proper support12016-08-12
  00044735.5The Junkyardnormal[Polls]
code - general
defectnewRTL - Code Chages for proper support 2016-08-12
  00054415.6.6normalgeneralenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishInvestigate switching our autoupdate routines to using Heartbeat12016-08-12
  00053105.6.4normalthemes - generalenhancementclosedSP TeamIncorporate template tags and any required support CSS/images for Threading plugin42016-08-12
  00050415.5.9normalnew posts handlingenhancementclosedNew Post variant - topics I have posted to12016-08-12
  00052355.6.1normalpermalinksnew featureclosedInvestigate possibility of a redirect - core or plugin52016-08-12
  00051855.6normalgeneralenhancementclosedTime, perhaps, to offer some default emojis52016-08-12
  0003253normaluser relatedenhancementclosedConsider tracking users online at site level instead of just forum level12016-08-12
  0001218normalprofileenhancementclosedavatar pool directory structure12016-08-12
  0004492highthemes - generalenhancementclosedRecreate default theme overlay files42016-08-12
  0005151normalprofileenhancementclosedMake profile popup links to identities image buttons52016-08-12
  0005173normalthemes - generalenhancementclosedLook at improving pagelink navigation (specifcally jump to page)12016-08-12
  0004198normal[Topic Status]
enhancementclosedgive topic status keys22016-08-12
  00054625. TeamGeneral and Miscellaneous Clean-Ups - 5.722016-08-09
  00055115. SwordfishSpecify location href in editor exposing script62016-08-08
  00055635. - generaldefectclosedMr PapaIf you set the editor 'hide' option to false the forum/topic views go straight to editor112016-08-08
  00055665. relateddefectclosedMr PapaMembers list searching with wildcards seems broken22016-08-08
  00055625.[Reboot Theme]
code - template functions
defectclosedYellow SwordfishMyCred points display tag missing from desktop template12016-08-08
  00055655.75.75.7normal[Moderation Email]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishPlugin: Moderation Email has typos12016-08-08
  00053045.[Moderation Email]
user requestclosedMr PapaNew Plugin: email to user when moderated post approved42016-08-08
  00055595.[Private Messaging]
defectclosedMr PapaSending a PM to an ex-member72016-08-07
  00055645.[Private Messaging]
code - classes
defectclosedMr Papamessage class does not generate proper list of recipients22016-08-07
  00055615. SwordfishProfile Signature is stripped of paragraph and line-break tags42016-08-06
  00055585.[Profanity Filter]
code - filters
defectclosedYellow Swordfisheach word replaced with all words from list42016-08-06
  00055605.[Topic Expire]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishUse of DatePicker causing error on add topic page load42016-08-06
  00055575.75.75.7normal[Private Messaging]
defectclosedMr PapaOn opening new PM the unread count does not change32016-07-29
  00055565. - cssdefectclosedYellow SwordfishCheck and adopt WP new font standards n SP Admin32016-07-29
  00054055. party supportdefectclosedYellow Swordfishmsdropdown js library using deprecated jquery62016-07-27
code - general
defectclosedMr PapaSeeing many notice repeats from plupload52016-07-23
defectclosedYellow SwordfishPhotos upload panel in profile form does not show any photos52016-07-23
  00054765. - generaldefectclosedYellow SwordfishRe-design page title handling52016-07-23
  00053495. - generalenhancementclosedMr Papajavascript overhaul in plugins432016-07-23
  00055045.[Prune DB]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishPlugin: Prune Database has possible defects, inconsistencies, and a typo12016-07-23
  00055545.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedYellow Swordfishdisplay in editor options looks off in reboot22016-07-23
  00054865. PapaNo permission or capabilty checks on forum upgrades12016-07-18
  0005503normal[Prune DB]
display - general
enhancementclosedPlugin: Prune Database, Add a verification step before selected topics are actually deleted12016-07-18
  00053735. - htmldefectclosedYellow SwordfishTab ordering all over the place52016-07-18
  00055475. SwordfishProfile photos are a bit of a disaster area!32016-07-17
  00055515. relateduser requestclosedYellow SwordfishAllow for our login form to be used but to be posted to a different url from standard22016-07-16
  00055535.[Print Topic]
code - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishFails if using a permalink structure with no trailing slash12016-07-15
display - general
enhancementclosedMr PapaAdd the Number of allowed selections to voting display12016-07-15
defectclosedMr Papadont delete attachments when deleting a topic/post12016-07-15
defectclosedMr Papawhen integrated editor added, it failed to support the remove attachments button when editing12016-07-15
  00055255.[Uploads Viewer]
defectclosedMr Papawhen adding existing upload, attachment links are not shown22016-07-14
enhancementclosedMr PapaRemoving an attachment should remove empty folders22016-07-14
forum tools
enhancementclosedMr PapaRemove attachment forum tool - is it working as it should22016-07-14
code - general
defectclosedMr PapaThe profile form 'upload' button no longer functions12016-07-13
  00055495.75.75.7criticalerror handlingdefectclosedYellow SwordfishRemove triggered error for deprecated function sp_forum_api_support()32016-07-12