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    IDProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in VersionPCategorytypeStatusAssigned ToSummary # Updated
  00052975.[BareBones Theme]
wp multisite
defectnewbarebones wont work on multisite32016-02-13
  00052915.[Unified Theme]
display - general
defecttestingIkeUnified - Mobile - topic view user info area muddled32016-02-13
  00052965.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defecttestingIkeadmin postbag empty message22016-02-13
  00052945.6.3.1normal[Plupload Plugin]
defectnewPlupload Plugin version 4.3.2 and its Translation Files have typos 2016-02-11
  00052935.[Font Resize Plugin]
code - general
defectnewFont Resizing doesn't work with Barebones12016-02-10
plugins - general
new featuretestingYellow SwordfishCreate a new 'Bookmarks' plugin (Favourites)92016-02-10
  00051465. - generaldefectnewBadge display is messy on mobile views22016-02-10
  00052905.[BareBones Theme]
defectclosedIkeThe font is not always loading32016-02-08
  00052775. Papaclear signature button does not work across all editors22016-02-06
  00052815. SwordfishThe Avatar Pool admin page no longer saves the avatar data12016-02-06
  00052865.[Plupload Plugin]
code - filters
enhancementclosedYellow SwordfishAdd immediate filters to all button text12016-02-06
  00052875.[BareBones Theme]
display - css
defectclosedIkeOptions need styling when integrated editor toolbar disabled22016-02-06
  00052855. SwordfishSome of the $sfdisplay items are not initialised in the install script12016-02-06
  00052785.[Reboot Theme]
defectclosedYellow Swordfishno styling on browse pool avatar button112016-02-06
  00052765.[BareBones Theme]
icons and images
taskclosedYellow SwordfishAdd the Barbones.json icomoon file to respository22016-02-06
display - css
enhancementnewAdd letter-spacing as normal to all reset css all thenes 2016-02-04
  00052835. - generaldefecttestingYellow SwordfishSomething has happened to our code that splits button text52016-02-03
  0005198normalcode - template functionsenhancementclosedNo way of using labels over icons for editor based plugins (mobile)12016-02-01
  00052805. - generaldefectclosedMr Papaerror suppression in strange spot in plugins api12016-02-01
  00052795. Papaclicking in search input box throws sp notice12016-02-01
  00052845. SwordfishThe file sp-group-view.js has an erroneous space in the file name12016-02-01
  00052825. priorities not representative of avatar options 2016-02-01
  00052735.[BareBones Theme]
display - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishThe sp_Mouse.png file has not been included in the images folder12016-01-31
  00052725.[Post Rating Plugin]
code - general
defectclosedMr Papabroken markup - missing closing quote12016-01-31
  00052655. - generalenhancementassignedSP Teamjavascript overhaul next phase102016-01-31
  00052755. - generalenhancementnewtheme customizer code uses common query arg 2016-01-30
  00052745. thumbnails into posts at creation time 2016-01-30
  00052705. - generaldefectclosedYellow SwordfishRevert Overflow Hidden change made in 5.6.212016-01-30
  00052715. Papaadd clear xml cache button to housekeeping12016-01-30
  00052405.[HTML Emails Plugin]
plugins - general
enhancementnewMissing a Keywords email template 2016-01-30
  00052355. featurenewInvestigate possibility of a redirect - core or plugin42016-01-30
  00051515. profile popup links to identities image buttons42016-01-30
  00036455. a forum group needs a rewrite52016-01-30
  00051855.65.6.4normalgeneralenhancementnewTime, perhaps, to offer some default emojis42016-01-30
  00050595. - generalenhancementnewChange use of fOpen in image size extraction 2016-01-30
  00049175. - template functionsdefectnewOur search input field uses the label as a placeholder 2016-01-30
  00051785. relateduser requestnewmethod for not including users in stats12016-01-30
  00050415. posts handlingenhancementnewNew Post variant - topics I have posted to 2016-01-30
  00052375. posts handlingenhancementnewChanging the new post model42016-01-30
  00052605.[Membership Subscribe]
defectnewAllow for auto-subscribing on new forum 2016-01-30
  00052665. handlingenhancementnewReview the html of images in posts 2016-01-30
  00052505.[Watches Plugin]
code - general
defectnewRemove all watches not working12016-01-30
  00052585. not being removed on uninstall72016-01-30
  00052305. - generaldefectnewWhen you click on edit post the editor window no longer scrolls into focus62016-01-30
  00052025.65.6.4high[Blog Linking Plugin]
database and sql
defectnewblog linking throws mysql error when updating blog post32016-01-30
  00049845. for jQuery Version 3 2016-01-30
  00050985. - generalnew featureassignedMr Papanew plugin: REST endpoint22016-01-30
new featureassignedYellow SwordfishCreate a Threaded Post Plugin112016-01-30
  00043475.15.6.4normalsearchnew featureassignedMr PapaSearch user profiles 2016-01-30
  00052395. Papaconsider sorting options on column of members list in admin22016-01-30
  00052315.65.6.4highuser relateddefectassignedMr Papadeleting any user warns its an sp admin62016-01-30
  00052385. helpnew featureclosedYellow SwordfishAdd admin glossary entries and mechanism for all necessary plugins222016-01-29
  00051745. SwordfishCreate some simple dummy data for install92016-01-29
  00051975. - generaltaskclosedSP TeamEradicate the use of javascript:void142016-01-29
  00052045. Teamgeneral ticket for notices and minor cleanups42016-01-29
  00052365. supportdefectclosedYellow SwordfishIOS/Safari - can not add files with plUpload82016-01-29
  00052615. Papainvestigate caching xml file loading142016-01-29
  00052525. compatibilitydefectclosedMr Papawp jquery updates32016-01-28
  00052685. - generaldefectclosedMr Papanotice for undefined variable in upgrade support12016-01-28
  00052595. SwordfishInstitute method to bypass version checks at install time22016-01-28
  00052645.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedYellow Swordfishnotify user autocomplete hidden by dialog box22016-01-28
  00052425. Papanew install default theme72016-01-27
  00048925.[BareBones Theme]
themes - general
new featureclosedIkeCreation of new basic theme (BareBones)872016-01-27
  00052535.[Private Messaging Plugin]
defectclosedMr Papasome paths exist for adversaries to send pm42016-01-27
  00052335. - generaldefectclosedMr PapaOur avatars in WP blog - user claims n longer works52016-01-26
  0005216normal[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedIkeOpen Close control now has background22016-01-26
  00052625. SwordfishOn install do not load profile form22016-01-24
  00052565. SwordfishReturn value from sp_load_version_xml()52016-01-24
  00050555.[BareBones Theme]
themes - general
new featureclosedYellow SwordfishOptional Theme Colour and Basics Visual Customiser162016-01-24
  00052575. - cssdefectclosedYellow SwordfishUpdate styling on Troubleshooting and FAQ pages12016-01-23
  00051955.[Share This Plugin]
display - general
defectclosedMr PapaThe FB Like button does not display its dialog properly72016-01-23
  00052485.[Birthdays Plugin]
defectclosedMr Papaprofile - birthday date select ui css is messed up72016-01-18
  0005255normal[Subscriptions Plugin]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishSubscriptions admin form missing update bar when called from glossary42016-01-17
enhancementclosedMr Papadont send notifitcation if mentioning self12016-01-15
  00052545. - template functionsenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishAllows Admins and Mods list in stats to stack12016-01-15
  00052495. SwordfishProfile forms with an update button need a clear before button12016-01-15
  00052515. - template functionsdefectclosedYellow SwordfishVariable name conflict - sp_PostIndexUserBadges()12016-01-15
  00052445.[Uploads Viewer Plugin]
mobile support
defectclosedYellow SwordfishWill never work as is on mobile device52016-01-15
  00048935. featureclosedYellow SwordfishBuild an Admin Search capability82016-01-13
  00051345. and sqldefectclosedMr PapaApostrophe in serialised array (memberships)42016-01-13
  00052245.[HTML Emails Plugin]
code - general
defectclosedMr PapaPassword Reset Issues32016-01-13
  00052435.[Plupload Plugin]
display - css
enhancementclosedYellow SwordfishThe file uploader display is not contained on mobile views12016-01-13
  00052465. - generalenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishListing overlays on the theme picker12016-01-13
  00052295.[Reboot Theme]
themes - general
defectclosedYellow Swordfishsp_UsersAlsoViewing() label text is not parsed for translations32016-01-11
  00052455. SwordfishEnsure only one topic cache record12016-01-11
  00052015. SwordfishMake it easy for users to upload replacement default avatars182016-01-09
  00052175. relateddefectclosedMr Papadeleting any user warns its an sp admin72016-01-08
  00052415.[Polls Plugin]
defectclosedMr PapaMain admin panel (options) has display issue52016-01-08
  00052195.[Post Rating Plugin]
enhancementclosedYellow SwordfishAllow for stars/thumbs to be glyphs12016-01-04
  00052155. - generaldefectclosedYellow SwordfishMobile editor buttons - No glyph support42016-01-04
  00052325.[Reboot Theme]
icons and images
defectclosedIkeIcons used with light overlays incorrect22015-12-31
  00052145.[Spam Registrations Plugin]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishOption to list users who have visited but not posted to forum hangs12015-12-30
  00052285.[Blog Linking Plugin]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishCheckbox to update blog post when editing forum post not showing12015-12-30
  00052235. PapaSome translations get truncated at an apostrophe52015-12-29
themes - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishStock forum / topic icons don't show variants when child theme is used12015-12-29
  00052255. Swordfishadd message to your admin options panel12015-12-29
  00052185.[Polls Plugin]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishCorrect Cancel button (mobile view) on editor create poll form12015-12-29
  00052265. helptaskclosedYellow SwordfishClean up the help folders organistion12015-12-29
  00052205. SwordfishCheck alt location for spcss files12015-12-29
  00052225. - generaldefectclosedYellow SwordfishW3 Total Cache check should check for valid config array12015-12-29
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