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    IDProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in VersionPCategorytypeStatusAssigned ToSummary # Updated
  00054565.[HTML Editor]
defectnewemail for new user failing to save 2016-05-24
  0005455highlocalizationdefectclosedplugins - 6 of them - fail to download MO file 2016-05-24
  00054545. - 6 of them - fail to download MO file 2016-05-24
  00053495. - generalenhancementassignedMr Papajavascript overhaul in plugins132016-05-23
  00054535. Papajavascript overhaul - need helpers for plugins12016-05-22
  00054525.[Share This]
mobile support
defectnewThe Share This native button disrupts mobile display 2016-05-22
display - html
defectclosedLink opens in a new window regardless of the value of 'targetNew' in template tag52016-05-21
  00054505. - generaldefectassignedYellow Swordfishlimit backtrace call in error log recording12016-05-21
  00054425. SwordfishAllow for 'hidden' members not to be counted in the forum total members stat12016-05-21
  00054395. compatibilitydefectclosedYellow SwordfishSome WP Theme Menus not behaving22016-05-20
  00053045.[Moderation Email]
user requesttestingMr PapaNew Plugin: email to user when moderated post approved42016-05-20
  00053605.[Blog Linking]
enhancementassignedYellow SwordfishBlog Linking Version 212016-05-20
  00053985. SwordfishAllow for secure download of attachment files 2016-05-20
  00050985. - generalnew featureassignedMr Papanew plugin: REST endpoint22016-05-20
  00052375. posts handlingenhancementassignedYellow SwordfishChanging the new post model62016-05-20
  00054415. SwordfishInvestigate switching our autoupdate routines to using Heartbeat 2016-05-20
  00054235. remote image in signature 2016-05-20
  00049045. - generaltasknewReview SSL/TLS And see if we need to change anything 2016-05-20
  00053965. requestnewDiscuss the possible addition of new user identities 2016-05-20
  00053955. requestnewconsider supporting video in open graph tags 2016-05-20
  00048755. shiny updates for our core plugin22016-05-20
  00053225. - generalenhancementnewremove usage of javascript:void(null) 2016-05-20
  00050245. - generalenhancementnewimprove the sfmeta API 2016-05-20
  00053705. and sqlenhancementnewconvert direct db queries to use the spdb complex class 2016-05-20
  00052665. handlingenhancementnewReview the html of images in posts112016-05-20
  00053485. party supportenhancementnewevaluate latest version of msdropdown jquery plugin32016-05-20
  00053215. overhaul - admin 2016-05-20
  00039375. toolsnew featurenewAdd trash feature for deleted things32016-05-20
  00054055. party supportdefectnewmsdropdown js library using deprecated jquery 2016-05-20
  00049845. for jQuery Version 3 2016-05-20
  00039335. featurenewAllow for sub-forums to have a parent/subforum permalink12016-05-20
  00053735. - htmldefectnewTab ordering all over the place 2016-05-20
code - general
defectclosedMr PapaRegex can conflict with characters entered as autolink search string12016-05-20
  00054385. - generaldefectclosedMr PapaMentions still does not create link when in first character position92016-05-20
  00054495. - generalenhancementclosedYellow Swordfishadd indent option to admin check box display12016-05-20
  00054485. - generaldefectclosedYellow SwordfishError in members list form seen by some users12016-05-20
  00054435. and sqlenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishReplace query that lists members who are not in a user group22016-05-18
  00053515. SwordfishAdmin unable to upload avatar for another user...112016-05-18
  00054455.[Unanswered Posts]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishTypo in 'spUnansweredView.php' file12016-05-18
defectclosedMr PapaMentions plugin version 2.1.10 has a typo and an item to check32016-05-18
defectclosedMr Papaincrease memory when sending digest emails22016-05-18
  00054075.[Share This]
defectclosedMr PapaShare This plugin version 1.1.11: item to consider & typos32016-05-18
  00054465. compatibilityenhancementclosedMr Papanew wp hook for role being added12016-05-18
  00054405.6.6Future Releasenormal[Mentions]
defectnewMentions only appears to work with the tinyMCE editor42016-05-15
  00054345. Papasyntax error in new albanian language support12016-05-14
code - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishImproper use of the Empty function for older php versions12016-05-14
  00054305. party supportuser requestclosedMr PapaAdd way to keep wpseo (yoast) from outputing meta data in head tags12016-05-06
  00041935. - generalenhancementclosedYellow Swordfishimproved quoting/forwarding of text, urls, images and attachments92016-05-06
  00054015. - generaldefectclosedSP TeamGeneral and MInor Cleanups and Notice Tidys12016-05-06
defectclosedYellow SwordfishSingle Typo in 'sp-mycred-help.php'12016-05-06
  00054255. SwordfishSome incorrect admin URLS22016-05-06
defectclosedYellow SwordfishUsing the myCred Hooks link from SP plugin list fails if myCred not yet setup32016-05-02
  00054155. compatibilitydefectclosedMr Papawp version required checks not working for past versions52016-05-02
code - filters
defectclosedMr PapaIf the @user is first character of post it does not form a link12016-05-02
  00054225. requestclosedYellow SwordfishAdd the Albanian language codes to our language download process12016-05-01
  00054185. toolsdefectclosedYellow SwordfishOrdering pinned topics tool - needs format change12016-05-01
  00051785. relateduser requestclosedYellow Swordfishmethod for not including users in stats32016-05-01
  00052395. Papaconsider sorting options on column of members list in admin42016-04-30
  00054175. UI WidgetdefectclosedYellow SwordfishSetting height and width options12016-04-30
  00054195. SwordfishDeleting default user groups is allowed32016-04-30
  00054135. Papaedit post url is wrong if site not using trailing slashes on permalinks32016-04-29
  00054035. PapaEnsure our footer js is loaded last122016-04-29
  0005409normalforum toolsdefectclosedRe-ordering pinned topics fails when too many to show in dialog12016-04-24
  00053995. PapaForum Rank uploaded badged no longer disappear when deleted22016-04-23
  00054045. Papainstall use of sp_log_event() does not pass enough params12016-04-23
  00054025. PapaPlugin calls to removed core function sp_cancel_script()22016-04-23
  00054115.[Post Rating]
code - general
defectclosedMr Papasyntax error in plugin does not allow thumb down image to be shown32016-04-23
  00054145.6.5Future Releasenormal[HTML Emails]
user requestnewadd a test email feature 2016-04-22
  00053435. SwordfishAllow Admins to set admin/moderator options at user level42016-04-16
  00054005. and imagesenhancementclosedYellow Swordfisha handful of cleanups, tweaks and changes to the admin styling52016-04-16
  0004210normal[Blog Linking]
defectclosedYellow Swordfishsome languages fail word count12016-04-11
  0004211normal[Blog Linking]
defectclosedYellow Swordfishinvestigate if private posts properly link to forum12016-04-11
  0005202high[Blog Linking]
database and sql
defectclosedYellow Swordfishblog linking throws mysql error when updating blog post72016-04-11
  0004550high[Blog Linking]
new posts handling
defectclosedYellow SwordfishImages with captions get stripped from the copy process to the new forum post12016-04-11
display - html
defectclosedMr Papaattachment links should honor the external links and nofollow options12016-04-11
  00053165. Teamgeneral ticket for notices and minor cleanups72016-04-11
  00053945. supportdefectclosedMr Papamobile menu for actions causes jump when clicked22016-04-11
  00053105.6.4Future Releasenormalthemes - generalenhancementassignedSP TeamIncorporate template tags and any required support CSS/images for Threading plugin32016-04-10
  00050825.5.11Future Releasenormal[Threading]
new featurenewCreate a Threaded Post Plugin192016-04-10
  00053715.[BareBones Theme]
icons and images
defectclosedIkeSome missing forum tool glyphs102016-04-09
  0005390normalsearchdefectclosedForums that are disabled in the admin are still referenced in a search62016-04-09
  00053915. SwordfishAdmin notification of SP Server contact failure ambiguous12016-04-09
  00053925.[BareBones Theme]
display - css
defectclosedYellow SwordfishForum View columns appear to have got into a mess22016-04-09
  00053895. - generaldefectclosedMr PapaInteger value too large for the rand() function32016-04-08
plugins - general
new featureclosedYellow SwordfishCreate a new 'Bookmarks' plugin (Favourites)332016-04-08
  00053855. compatibilitydefectclosedMr Papawp has deprecated add_object_page()12016-04-04
  00053865. Papamanage admins uses old wp user search class12016-04-04
  00053835. - generaldefectclosedMr Papacalls to do not honour SSL32016-04-03
defectclosedMr Papareplacing bp avatars with sp avatars can cause inifite looop12016-04-03
  00053875.[Private Messaging]
defectclosedMr Papadeleting PMs from PM stats admin panel broken22016-04-03
defectclosedSP TeamFind fix for Safari/IOS uploading problem62016-04-02
  00053825. - filtersenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishAdd filters to Move Post function12016-04-02
  00053845.[Unified Theme]
display - general
defectclosedMr Papaunified theme missing the add/give reputation button22016-04-01
  00053815.6.4Future Releasenormal[Google Sitemap]
user requestnewconsider supporint 2016-03-31
  00053785.[Hide Posters]
defectclosedMr Papacorrect hide forum post check on topic view12016-03-30
  00042045.[Admin Bar]
defectclosedMr PapaOnly show moderators posts that they can actually moderate12016-03-30
  00048645.[Post Rating]
code - template functions
defectclosedMr Papamost and highest template tags have unused forum argument12016-03-30
  00053565.6.4normalcode - filtersdefectclosedsignature saving strips br tags32016-03-30
  00053795. SwordfishAdd a reload button to the error log admin panel12016-03-29
defectnewV1.0.14 Plugin: Ban files 'sp-ban-admin-help.en' and 'sp-ban-admin.php' have typos 2016-03-27
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