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    IDProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in VersionPCategorytypeStatusAssigned ToSummary # Updated
  00048815. - generaldefecttestingYellow SwordfishcheckiFrame variable in wrong js variable set22015-04-26
  00048785. Swordfishauto transation doesnt work for child themes52015-04-26
  00048795. SwordfishLanguages panel - some plugins not showing as installed22015-04-26
  00048805.[Language/Theme Selection Plugin]
defecttestingAdmin language options appearing in selection list12015-04-26
  00048775.5.6Future Releasenormalplugins - generalnew featurenewnew plugin: slack integration 2015-04-25
  00048755.5.6Future Releasenormalinstallation/upgradeenhancementnewsupport shiny updates for our core plugin22015-04-25
  00044365.5Future Releasenormalplugins - generaluser requestnewnew plugin: keywords 2015-04-25
  00046085.5.2normalsearchuser requestclosedsearch for posts by user12015-04-25
  00048715.[Gravatar Cache Plugin]
image/video handling
defectnewadd file extension to images in cache32015-04-24
  00048745. handlingdefecttestingYellow SwordfishDamn Big WP Smileys still a pain22015-04-24
  00044955.1normal[Blog Linking Plugin]
RSS Feeds
user requestclosedAdd RSS Feed link to blog comments derived from forum thread12015-04-23
  00042035.4.1normal[Admin Bar Plugin]
enhancementclosedAdd a 'go to post and edit' button12015-04-23
  00035825.2.2normalpermissionsuser requestclosedNew permission: Allow users to include external links/images in their signatures22015-04-23
  00041965.4.1normal[Birthdays Plugin]
enhancementcloseddifferent display options for birthday display12015-04-23
  00032965.1.3normalplugins - generalnew featureclosedPlugin Suggestion: Cache external images12015-04-23
  00032035.1.2normal[Policy Docs Plugin]
plugins - general
enhancementclosedPage to accept policy agreement enhancement12015-04-23
  00033705.1.4normal[Plupload Plugin]
user requestclosedPermission to limit number of uploads in a single post52015-04-23
  00046905.5.3normal[Private Messaging Plugin]
display - general
enhancementclosedChange Buddy List control from listbox to select box32015-04-23
  00044935.5normal[Post Rating Plugin]
view - topic
user requestclosedoption to sort posts in topic by post rating12015-04-23
  00039565.3.1normal[Private Messaging Plugin]
enhancementclosedAdd an API wrapper function for sending a PM to user12015-04-23
  00045335.5normalprofileenhancementclosedAdd identities to profile (popup and full page)22015-04-23
  00041815.4.1normal[Unified Theme]
display - general
defectclosedSafari fails to render the CSS breadcrumbs correctly72015-04-23
  0003815normal[Share This Plugin]
mobile support
defectclosedPopup Window does not fit - and does not seem to move62015-04-23
  00042755.4.1normal[Share This Plugin]
enhancementclosedcustom icons in share this12015-04-23
user requestclosedadd some profile display stuff to BP forward facing profile12015-04-23
  00038835.3normal[Template Tags Plugin]
code - filters
enhancementclosedadd filter on each item in returned list12015-04-23
  00038845.3normaladministrationuser requestcloseddelete preceeding or following posts in topic12015-04-23
  0003790normal[Blog Linking Plugin]
enhancementclosedInvestigate supporting Disqus12015-04-23
  0003788normalRSS Feedsuser requestclosedGenerate rss feed for search results12015-04-23
  00036185.2.3normaladministrationenhancementclosedPlugins and themes need their own change logs22015-04-23
  00035945.2.3normaluser relatedenhancementclosedEnhance automatic user group assignment within forum ranking42015-04-23
  00033995.1.4normalpermissionsuser requestclosedConsider offering private topics52015-04-23
  00036075.2.3normal[Template Tags Plugin]
plugins - general
enhancementclosedCreate forumIds to allow exception list of forums22015-04-23
  00033715.1.4normalgeneraluser requestclosedplugin: print topics and/or posts12015-04-23
  00032415.1.3normal[Template Tags Plugin]
code - template functions
user requestclosedCreate a mini profile/status/unread/pm tag32015-04-23
  00019965.0normallocalizationnew featureclosedCreate a plugin framework for slug language extensions12015-04-23
  00039965.3.3normaluser relatedenhancementclosedAllow users to opt out of their profile being displayed12015-04-23
  00032895.1.3normalplugins - generalenhancementclosedCheck if fields exist in tables before creating them on plugin activation22015-04-23
  00039945.3.2normalinstallation/upgradeenhancementclosedCreate a silent upgrade process12015-04-23
  00039765.3.2normalprofileenhancementclosedTurn off profile edit retains information42015-04-23
  00038925.3normaldisplay - generaldefectclosedWhen we set the SP user timezone, can have affecs on other plugins/themes12015-04-23
  00038885.3normal[Gravatar Cache Plugin]
code - general
enhancementclosedbunch of gravatar cache code in core12015-04-23
  00038695.3normal[Language/Theme Selection Plugin]
mobile support
enhancementclosedExtend plugin to allow for actual theme selection42015-04-23
  00038425.3normaluser relatedenhancementclosedchange default user group mapping to no role fallback12015-04-23
  00026145.0normalforum toolsuser requestclosedAdd 'delete post(s) and user' toolk to topic tools12015-04-23
  00048255.5.5normalwp compatibilityuser requestclosedInvestigate Ultimate Member plugin with a view to close support12015-04-23
  00045525.5.1normalpermissionsuser requestclosedConsider support for the wp 'Groups' plugin22015-04-23
  00037985.5.1normalview - forumuser requestclosedcustom forum view topic thumbnails12015-04-23
  00046365.5.2normalview - memberuser requestclosedOption to set number of members shown per page22015-04-23
  00041465.4.1normaldisplay - generalenhancementclosedOrdering special forum rank badges12015-04-23
  00036115.2.3normalonline helpenhancementclosedUpdate Simple:Press help "spa-ahah-troubleshooting.php" information92015-04-23
  00021315.0normaladministrationenhancementclosedOverview of Group/Forum/User Group/Permission relationships22015-04-23
  00041145.4normalplugins - generaluser requestclosedPlugin Request: Profile by User Group12015-04-23
  00040875.4normalgeneralenhancementclosedAllow for easier control of user customsations12015-04-23
  00038965.3normal[Profile Display Control Plugin]
enhancementclosedMissing profile elements in the PDC22015-04-23
  00040375.3.4normal[Identities Plugin]
code - general
enhancementclosedAdd template tag for profile display12015-04-23
  00045275.5.0.1normaladministrationenhancementclosedneed plugins api way to force right admin menu accordion to open52015-04-23
  00047055.5.3normal[Language/Theme Selection Plugin]
defectclosedBelieve this does not pick up overlays from a parent when a child theme12015-04-23
  00046175.5.1normalgeneraluser requestclosedconsider ability of users to create usergrups and forums12015-04-23
  00039375.3.1normalforum toolsenhancementclosedAdd trash feature for deleted things22015-04-23
  00045785.5.2normaluser relateduser requestclosedSort options for members list12015-04-23
  00045145.5normaldisplay - generalenhancementclosedAllow truncating option on user names22015-04-23
  00044655.5normaldatabase and sqlenhancementclosedHousekeeping Transient Cleaner doesn't seem to do much...72015-04-23
  00044695.5normaljavascriptnew featureclosedNew API for breaking long processing requests into chunks12015-04-23
  00042575.4.1normaldisplay - generalenhancementclosedauto switch to css only theme22015-04-23
  00040485.3.4normalplugins - generalenhancementclosedSpin off buddies and adversaries from PM12015-04-23
  00036635.2.5normalgeneraltaskclosedCurrent mobile detection code now deprecated42015-04-23
plugins - general
enhancementclosedAdd option to not trim before & after text to template tags and plugins12015-04-23
  00031925.1.1normallocalizationenhancementclosedmethod to handle localizations on front and back end12015-04-23
  00030675.0.5normaluser relatedenhancementclosedInvestigate if we need user timezone string22015-04-23
  00011094.1.3normal[Template Tags Plugin]
user requestclosed# posts and post views in latest posts template tag12015-04-23
  00028715.0normalgeneralenhancementclosedStop all other content displaying52015-04-23
  00028345.0normallocalizationenhancementclosedhow to customise some of those hidden, code-buried labels12015-04-23
  00023735.0normallocalizationnew featureclosedadmin panel for editing text strings22015-04-23
  00036355.2.5lowthemes - generalenhancementclosedConsider Adding 'First' to sp_RecentPostList as default12015-04-23
  00013994.2.2normaluser relateduser requestclosedtimezone display12015-04-23
  00009184.1.2normalprofileenhancementclosedavatar api to get avatars from another plugin12015-04-23
  00004624.2normaladministrationenhancementclosedOffer a 'Stealth' mode12015-04-23
  00038945.3lowpermissionsenhancementclosedMake permission tooltips more meaningful12015-04-23
  00036335.2.5low[Template Tags Plugin]
plugins - general
user requestclosedAdd Forum icon to Hot Topics Template12015-04-23
  00048385.5.5Future Releasenormalinstallation/upgradeenhancementnewCheck if sp-resources can be created before offering the install 2015-04-23
  00045325.5.1Future Releasenormalcode - generaltasknewDeprecate theme path constants32015-04-23
  00048645.5.5Future Releasenormal[Post Rating Plugin]
code - template functions
defectnewmost and highest template tags have unused forum argument 2015-04-23
  00048305.5.5Future Releasenormaluser relatedenhancementnewNeed a global display user memberships 2015-04-23
  00048455.5.5Future Releasenormalcode - template functionsuser requestnewadd mobile version of forum quicklinks 2015-04-23
  00044925.5Future Releasehighthemes - generalenhancementnewRecreate default theme overlay files32015-04-23
  00047855.[Reboot Theme]
display - general
defectassignedIkeTurning on the breadcrumbs tree does not force tree display32015-04-23
  00046595. rebuilding notice 2015-04-22
  00048475.[Private Posts]
plugins - general
defecttestingMr Papanew plugin: mark post as private62015-04-22
  00048735. - generalenhancementclosedMr Papaensure user remove cron is removed when option disabled12015-04-21
  00048725. Papaadd_query_arg() function needs an esc_url() on url agrument12015-04-21
  00048705.[Birthdays Plugin]
code - general
defectclosedMr PapaMissing Upgrade Function12015-04-21
  00048615.[Reboot Theme]
defectclosedIkeClean up ShareThis buttons on mobile22015-04-21
  00048585.[Reboot Theme]
image/video handling
defectclosedIkeblog linking image file ref error32015-04-21
  00048655.[Reboot Theme]
code - general
defectclosedIkeChange any Reboot template titles displaying Unified to Reboot22015-04-21
  0004869normal[Template Tags Plugin]
database and sql
enhancementclosedReview Query of the Admin/Mods on line tag12015-04-18
  00048575. - filtersenhancementclosedMr Papaadd growth capability to sp_can_view() function22015-04-18
  00048425. relateddefectclosedYellow SwordfishMembers View - UserGroup list includes Guests12015-04-18
  00048675. Papaplugins need to do nonce checks on option saving22015-04-18
  00048665. - generalenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishAdd simple 'read me' to child themes12015-04-18
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