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    IDProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in VersionPCategorytypeStatusAssigned ToSummary # Updated
  00050485. - generaldefectclosedMr Papawhen reassigning post, page reload is to wrong page22015-08-31
  00050365. Papalooks like wp admin css changed for notifications72015-08-30
  00050565.5.105.6high[Plupload Plugin]
code - general
defecttestingMr Papause of fopen 42015-08-30
  00048925.6normal[BareBones Theme]
themes - general
new featureassignedIkeCreation of new basic theme (BareBones)242015-08-30
  00049305.5.65.6normalthird party supporttasknewDeprecate Janrain Support42015-08-29
  00050555.5.105.6normalthemes - generalnew featureassignedYellow SwordfishOptional Theme Colour and Basics Visual Customiser22015-08-29
  00050545. SwordfishShow usergroup badges in admin22015-08-29
  00050535.5.105.6normalcode - generalenhancementtestingYellow SwordfishReview, clean up and enhance success/failre notify messaging12015-08-28
  00048715.5.55.6high[Gravatar Cache Plugin]
image/video handling
defectnewadd file extension to images in cache42015-08-28
  00050525.5.105.6normal[Private Messaging Plugin]
code - template functions
defecttestingYellow SwordfishNo support for labelled text links in post actions92015-08-28
  00050385. - htmldefectclosedMr Papaimage enlarger icon missing alt tag22015-08-28
  00050395. Papaadd SP facebook link to acknowledgements popup12015-08-28
  00050495. - generaldefectclosedYellow SwordfishProfile search buttons around the wrong way22015-08-28
  00047295.5.45.6normalplugins - generaluser requestassignedMr Papanew plugin: user karma or rating172015-08-28
  00034685.25.6normalwp multisitedefectnewmultisite no longer uses blogs.dir52015-08-28
  00050455.[Post Multiple]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishSpelling error in tooltip12015-08-28
  0005050normalcode - template functionsdefectclosedOdd display if uplloaded avatar goes missing22015-08-28
  00050515.5.105.6normal[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectassignedIkeMinimal overlay post links white on white 2015-08-27
  00050445.[Post Anonymously]
code - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishCheckbox missing in profile options plus no getting started admin help22015-08-25
  00050375. SwordfishCan not save passwords in profile form32015-08-25
  00050475. - generaldefectclosedMr Papaversion compares need to use php version_comnpare()22015-08-25
  00050465. PapaWP changeed the pluggable function wp_new_user_notification132015-08-25
  00048995.5.65.6highgeneraldefectassignedSP TeamGeneral Clean Up Ticket for Notices and Such22015-08-22
  00050405.5.95.6normalprofiledefectnewShowing photos section should not display if disallowed32015-08-21
  00050415.5.95.6normalnew posts handlingenhancementassignedYellow SwordfishNew Post variant - topics I have posted to 2015-08-20
  00045945.5.25.6normalmobile supportenhancementnewCreate the ability to house post action buttons in a one button menu 2015-08-19
  0004838normalinstallation/upgradeenhancementclosedCheck if sp-resources can be created before offering the install12015-08-19
  00049575.5.85.6normal[Subscriptions Plugin]
code - template functions
user requestnewNew tag: Topics the current user is subscribed to12015-08-19
  00049175.5.65.6normalcode - template functionsdefectnewOur search input field uses the label as a placeholder 2015-08-18
  00049045.5.65.6normalcode - generaltasknewReview SSL/TLS And see if we need to change anything 2015-08-18
  00049565.5.85.6normal[Template Tags Plugin]
code - template functions
user requestnewNew tag: Posts the current user has started... 2015-08-18
  00049845.5.85.6criticaljavascripttasknewPrepare for jQuery Version 3 2015-08-18
  00048935.5.75.6normaladministrationnew featureassignedIkeBuild an Admin Search capability 2015-08-18
  00043475.15.6normalsearchnew featureassignedMr PapaSearch user profiles 2015-08-18
  00043465.15.6normalsearchnew featureassignedMr PapaList and search posts by user 2015-08-18
  00049495.5.85.6normaloptimizationenhancementassignedYellow SwordfishInvestigate user object caching improvements for guests 2015-08-18
  00036455.2.55.6normaladministrationenhancementassignedYellow SwordfishDeleting a forum group needs a rewrite42015-08-18
  00050145. helpenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishImprove post-install by suggesting possible tasks42015-08-18
  00050355. - generalenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishAllow for custom update button text and extras on plugin admin panels22015-08-18
  00049345. TeamGeneral Clean Up Ticket for Notices and Such122015-08-18
  00047695. SwordfishAssign text to alt attributes in image tags62015-08-16
  00049945.[DB InnoDB Converter]
enhancementclosedYellow SwordfishAllow for non-SP tables to also be converted82015-08-16
  00050305. Papacode pasted and syntax highlighted is having character converted to html entities52015-08-16
  00050325. - template functionsdefectclosedMr Papaoutputting blank divs for admins with no membership22015-08-16
  00050335. - template functionsdefectclosedYellow SwordfishMissing Breadcrumb - New post list22015-08-15
  00050285.[Topic Redirect]
code - template functions
defectclosedYellow SwordfishRedirect topic first post defines label that can not be removed82015-08-14
  00050295. - generaldefectclosedYellow SwordfishGot To Page in pagelinks button has no class22015-08-13
  00050315.[Post Rating Plugin]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishUnable to save rating method in admin12015-08-13
  00050255. 'Show Permissions' page forum description class42015-08-12
  00050225. - classesdefectclosedMr PapaVery difficult to add to user class unless using activity api22015-08-11
  00050235.[Topic Expire]
code - classes
enhancementclosedMr Papaput topic expiration data into topic class so its readily available12015-08-11
  00050215. Papaspmeta global large effort and not used112015-08-11
  00050275.5.8Future Releasenormal[Topic Expire]
display - html
user requestnewadd topic expiration topic icon to forum view status icons 2015-08-11
  00050265.5.8Future Releasenormal[Topic Expire]
display - html
user requestnewadd optional expiraton date display on topic view 2015-08-11
  00050245.5.85.6normalcode - generalenhancementnewimprove the sfmeta API 2015-08-09
  00050195.[Plupload Plugin]
code - general
enhancementclosedYellow SwordfishOpen the API to allow for functions not to die22015-08-08
  00049885.[Post By Email Plugin]
image/video handling
defectclosedMr PapaNo longer processes attachments62015-08-08
  00050205.[Plupload Plugin]
code - general
defectclosedMr PapaSome general notice and warning fix ups32015-08-08
  00049835. - cssdefectclosedYellow SwordfishAdding overrides to counter the disapearance of list tables in admin22015-08-07
  00050135. Papauploading icons/ranks/smileys all working differently82015-08-07
  00049755. - classestaskclosedSP TeamEnsure no use of php 4 style class constructors22015-08-07
  00050175.[Default Theme]
defectclosedYellow SwordfishTitle row column badly positioned12015-08-06
  00049795.[Reboot Theme]
display - general
defectclosedIkeNested sub/sub forums displayed incorrectly on forum view22015-08-06
  00050155. Papasfmeta api should allow deleting all entries with specific type22015-08-06
  00049955.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedIkereboot minimal math spam text is white on white22015-08-06
  0004958normalprofiledefectclosedPermissions tab - bleeds ourside of the containing profile area22015-08-05
  00050165. SwordfishConsider changing default overlay upon install32015-08-05
  00050075. helpenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishReview and update the help and troubleshooting panel82015-08-05
  00049935. - template functionsenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishNew Post and Mark All Read buttons do not allow textual links42015-08-05
  00050085.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedIkeSafari post content flex issues32015-08-05
  00050115.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedIkeforum tools notify user not dipslaying in reboot22015-08-05
  00050105.[Reboot Theme]
display - css
defectclosedIkeforum tools add watch to user not displaying in reboot32015-08-05
  00050125. Papawrong textdomain for notify user text string22015-08-02
  00049865. SwordfishRemove the dummy anchor tag at the top of popups92015-08-02
  00040865.[CubePoints Plugin]
user requesttestingYellow SwordfishOptions to exclude admins and moderators from amassing points12015-07-31
  00049545. requestclosedYellow Swordfishconsider adding open graph tags162015-07-29
  0004976normalcode - template functionsenhancementclosedRewrite the Unread posts/mark read template display function12015-07-28
defectclosedYellow SwordfishSort out the bbPress issue12015-07-27
  00049915. - generaldefectclosedMr Papaerror log showing preg replace and preg match all illegal modifer errors42015-07-24
  00049855.[Plupload Plugin]
enhancementclosedMr Papaupdate plupload 3rd party to latest22015-07-24
  00049895.[HTML Emails Plugin]
defectclosedMr Papaplugin list options link points to wrong admin panel12015-07-24
  00049925.[HTML Emails Plugin]
code - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishNon-existent variable parameter used in furnction call12015-07-24
  00049905.[HTML Emails Plugin]
defectclosedMr Papacouple wrong localizations used12015-07-24
  00049875. - template functionsdefectclosedYellow Swordfishsp_ProfileShowSearchPosts labels are un-useable22015-07-18
  00049815. relateddefectclosedMr Papaadmin dashboard has links to user profile popup but they dont work52015-07-18
  00049825. SwordfishImprove our Latest News item in dashboard and above forum admin panels22015-07-15
  00049805. compatibilitydefectclosedMr Paparecent posts widget throws depcrecated notice12015-07-12
  00049785. - forumdefectclosedYellow SwordfishSub-Forums in forum view appear in ID order instead of sequenced22015-07-12
  00049775. - template functionsenhancementclosedYellow SwordfishForum View - First/Last Post - new before argument needed22015-07-12
  00049335. - generaldefectclosedMr Papawp notice in admin messes up display62015-07-12
  00049725. - generaldefectclosedYellow SwordfishIncorrect variable being used for usergroup ID in save new forum perms22015-07-04
  00049735.[Membership Subscribe]
code - general
defectclosedYellow SwordfishSave process uses the wrong check_admin_referer handle22015-07-04
  00049745.[Who's Online Plugin]
defectclosedMr Papaversion number messed up12015-07-04
  00049715. - htmltaskclosedYellow SwordfishBring Admin page heading in line with WP22015-07-03
  00049685. Papadont offer mingle profile option if mingle not active22015-07-03
  00049635. PapaWe should retrieve BuddyPress profile (members) page URL and use82015-07-03
  00049675. Papatab support for radiogroup value should use key instead of incremental counter22015-07-03
  00049705. SwordfishSIgnature fails to aorse when bbCode editor is used22015-07-03
  00047855.5.4normal[Reboot Theme]
display - general
defectclosedTurning on the breadcrumbs tree does not force tree display42015-07-03
  00049695.[Reboot Theme]
display - general
defectclosedIkeEnable forum rank badges22015-07-03
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